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Standards and classes

EN 381-5 standard

ForestShield chain saw protected products are compliant with standard EN381-5 and class 1 (speed of chain 20m/s).

The purpose of safety padding material is to prevent chain saw to penetrate the safety clothing and thereby protect the user against injuries which are caused by chain touching the skin.

The functionality of protection material is based on jamming the sprocket of the chain saw. The protection material will stop the chain movement when fibres of protection material have got into the machine.


EN 381-11 standard

Part of ForestShield safety products has a special safety padding solution to protect the upper body. Safety padding jacket, compliant with EN 381-11 standard protects especially shoulders and arms. We have also added some extra safety around stomach.


EN 471 standard

Part of ForestShield products is also compliant with high visibility clothing standard. The EN 471 standard requirements concern fluorescent material and reflective material - or combination of previous.

Standard define three different classes based on minimum area of high visibility material. Class 3 is the most visible one.

Separate reflecting materials are divided into 2 levels based on reflection efficiency. Level 2 is more efficient.