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Aucor jacket

The main material of Aucor jacket is stretchy - water and dirt repellent. Sleeves have stretchy and breathable Kevlar garment and easy-to-use adjustable cuff closures to maximize the comfortable use in challenging working conditions.

In addition to bright colours Aucor jacket has multiple reflective details to extend safety. There are also reflectors on the shoulder and collar area to increase the visibility.

All the zippers are selected to be first-class and easy-to-use. Zippers are also protected against saw dust - part of the zippers is also water proof. Suitability is maximized with long zipper pullers.

Pockets are designed into challenging forestry working environment. The special requirement of foresters and arborists are carefully taken into account. In the breast pocket is a port for headphones. In addition to breast pocket there is also an inside pocket, a sleeve pocket and a first aid pocket behind the jacket.

Functional lining in the shoulder area provides a pleasant feeling of a dry jacket for its user. The special material of lining creates a microclimate which transfers moisture to upper layers. Functional HeatArmor lining is at best with technical shirt. User may control the warmth of the jacket by opening air vents.