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One of the ForestShield's cornerstones is ergonomics. This means that we strive for excellence in developing clothes that feel comfortable yet are still stylish and easy to use.

Ergonomics is constructed by different areas of expertise but the main issue is the worker itself. Together with professionals of forestry and our own experience, we have been able to find the key issues that matter the most.

ForestShield garments support the user in his efforts. Each jacket and trouser is designed to maximise the comfort in varying working conditions and positions.

Ergonomics is also practicality. When pockets are correctly sized and placed in right positions, the collar is high enough to protect from chilling wind and zippers are protected against water - some basic issues are covered.

We want to strive for more. Ergonomics is all about wanting to wear the jacket or trousers again and again. And to be pleased.